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Essential Roof Maintenance Tips for Aiken Homeowners

It's estimated that the average cost of replacing a roof in the United States is about $9,000. Homeowners often take a roof for granted until the second something's wrong with it.

Then, not only does the problem threaten your home, but also repairing or replacing it represents a huge, unexpected expense. The key for Aiken homeowners to avoid this is to engage in some simple roof maintenance each year.

So what should you be doing during roof maintenance? Do you need professional help? In this roof inspection guide, we'll cover some essential roof maintenance tips so you can keep your Aiken home safe.

Check the Gutters

Making sure your gutters are regularly cleared is an essential part of maintaining roof health. When gutters are clogged, water can pool on the roof resulting in structural damage.

At the very least, you should make sure the gutters are clear of debris. However, it also makes sense to invest in professional gutter maintenance for scrubbing, replacing missing caulk, and inspecting for any cracks or holes.

Inspect the Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles can make the underlying layers of your roof vulnerable to damage. As such, regularly inspecting the shingles to make sure they're all straight and uniform is one of the most vital home roof tips.

While inspecting the shingles you should also take the time to clear off any debris that might be on the roof. If you notice missing shingles, call roof repair as soon as you can or else it might result in a leak.

Prune Nearby Trees

Here in Aiken, South Carolina, we're prone to the occasional hurricane. While climate change isn't affecting the number of hurricanes it is making them stronger.

And that's not good news for properties with a lot of large trees in the yard. That's because windy storms can cause branches to fall and damage the structural integrity of a roof. So make sure you're regularly pruning any branches that are close to the trees.

Treat Moss, Lichen, and Algae

Moss, lichen, and algae aren't just unsightly, they can also cause roofing material to deteriorate. Make sure you're getting it cleaned regularly by professionals who use preventative products that contain zinc.

They can provide you with roof cleaning tips. And remember that moss growth could be a sign of moisture problems within the roof itself.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Professional roofing companies know exactly what to look for during their inspections. They can also provide home roof tips that prevent roof leaks.

As such, once a year schedule roof maintenance with a local company. It's the best way to catch potential problems early on.

Need More Roof Maintenance Tips for Your Aiken Home? Contact C&B Roofing

We hope this guide helped you learn some essential roof maintenance tips for your Aiken home. Here at C&B Roofing, we know there is a wide variety of homeowner needs when it comes to roofs.

Some might only need help with specialized problems like fixing leaks, while others might need assistance with every aspect of their roof maintenance.

For us, it doesn't matter - we're here to deliver quality service to Aiken homeowners in need. So regardless of your needs, get in touch with us today to take advantage of decades of roofing experience.

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